All sports activities in Kandy today are popular but constrained by the lack of facilities, especially for sports like football, hockey and athletics. Thanks to the officials of Kandy Sports Club this sports facility at Nittawela is up to international standards.

Bogambara Stadium was the main centre that helped most of the sports activities in the district when it was under the Kandy Municipal Council administration, but at present it is not so.

This ground which was upgraded into a sports stadium in 1972 during the tenure of the then Special Commissioner the late M.B. Samarakoon, with invaluable support and encouragement from sports promoters of the past like the late E.L. Senanayake, a well-known politician from Kandy, the late Noel Wimalasena, another politician, the late E.W. Balasuriya who helped financially and the late Shelton Ranaraja – a famous politician. The project’s media sponsor was the Daily Mirror with valid inspiration coming from the late M.E. Marikar, the late Dr. C.D.L. Fernando, the late A.M.I.N. Marikar, the late M. Shanmugam – SP – Central Province.

Bogambara Stadium could be considered as one of the oldest in the country.
According to history, during the early years it was an entertainment site for carnivals, games of skill, circuses and gymkhanas during the colonial rule. Gradually Kandy Sports Club and a few football clubs like Young’s Stars SC, Young Wanders SC, Greenfield SC and schools like St. Anthony’s, Trinity, Sri Rahula, St. Paul’s (Now known as Sri Sumangala), Dharmaraja and Kingswood made it their venue to conduct sports activities.
Kandy Municipal Council was the sole owner of the ground. They helped schools and clubs in a big way.

The people who took over have failed to keep their promise and today the poor sportsmen specially footballers, hockey players, athletes and fitness enthusiasts are suffering.