Life isn’t always easy when you’re an introvert. You’re friendly, but you’d rather keep to yourself and it often becomes vey exhausting when people ask you why you aren’t talking much or not outgoing enough. This week, Annie received many whys and hows on surviving the introvert life and this is what she had to say…

boySherin: Annie, why do I find so much comfort in being lonely – is something wrong with me?

girlYour friend seems to be having an outgoing personality and she probably likes you well enough to keep trying. If you feel uncomfortable with her enthusiasm, instead of avoiding her you should let her know when you don’t feel like hanging out. Be yourself and let her know your feelings. But don’t completely cut her off because she is after all your friend.

boyRoger: Annie, I recently changed schools and some random girl now claims to be my best friend. I like her, but she’s always so loud and she keeps asking me to hang out with her during interval and even outside of school when I’d rather be alone. What do I do?

girlA: Okay, first of all, you do not want to be lonely. You want to be alone. There’s a difference in the two words. Secondly, there is nothing wrong with finding comfort in being alone. Preferring a quiet afternoon cuddled up with a hot chocolate with just a book for company does not make you lonely. It helps you maintain your happiness and sanity. So no, there is nothing wrong with you. Stop worrying.

boySheramy: Annie, I spent way too much time thinking. Sometimes I over-think and make myself sad. Why is that?

girlA: Thinking is not a bad thing. It means you’re reflective. And yes, sometimes you often tend to over-think and that can be very exhausting because you don’t just think about what happened a few hours ago but months ago. And then you panic. That is why you must be careful when crossing the line between thinking, reflecting and over-thinking. My advice to you: always find at least one good outcome of each thought you have. That positivity will be reflected in the ideas and you generate in your lifetime.

boySithum: Annie, why do I freak out in social situations? Is it because I lack confidence?

girlA: It’s not that you lack confidence. It’s just that you’re more confident in yourself when you’re alone or when you’re with your closest friends. Don’t underestimate the value of your hard work. You may have achieved great things by working away quietly on your own, but do not assume confidence always translates into cockiness. Also, when you’re forced into social situations find your own centre and act accordingly. There is no rule that says that you should insert yourself into social situations and there is no rule book on how to act. Just be yourself.


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