When passing through Vauxhall Street in the evening, you are bound to see the neighbourhood kids playing some serious street cricket. Armed with not more than an undeterred grit, impressive skill and striking confidence, these kids firmly believe they will make the Sri Lanka national team someday.

Twelve neighborhood friends, who form one of the youngest teams on the block and call themselves the ‘Fire Boys’, were the ‘guests of honour’ at the unveiling of a unique 3D creation by AIA. This 3D creation was constructed in time for the ongoing AIA Premier Limited Overs.

It is impossible to miss this larger than life cricket ball, measuring 14 feet in diameter, smashing through the AIA building!

The enthusiastic little chief guests were in awe of the giant mural and keen to show it to their friends in the neighbourhood. “I’m going to bring the aiyas (elder brothers) who play cricket with us and show this to them,” said one boy. Another kid insisted we send him a photograph, so that he can show his grandfather, his biggest fan. The boys unanimously agreed that there is nothing they enjoy more than cricket and gave a hint that they’ll be future stars!

Keep your eyes focused to see this smashing sight if you are passing through Kumaran Ratnam Road in Slave Island. You can’t miss it!