The number of tourist arrivals to Sri Lanka in the month of November 2015 has increased by a significant 20.4% compared to the same month last year, according to the statistics released by Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority today. Accordingly 144,147 tourists arrived in the country in the month while total arrivals for the year-to-date accumulated to 1.6 Million. The average number of monthly arrivals has increased by 13.7% as at end November 2015.

Western Europe comprised 31% of the total number of arrivals, recording 489,914 tourists up to November 2015. UK, Germany and France have become the three key markets in Western Europe recording the highest number of arrivals in the region at present.

Meanwhile, South Asia held a share of 25% from total tourist arrivals to Sri Lanka during January to November 2015, achieving 403,029 of arrivals due to the dominance of the Indian market which accounted for 280,810 tourists. South Asian Region has indicated a 23.9% growth this year compared to last year due to the increase of arrivals from India.

On the other hand, East Asia has contributed a 21% share to the total tourist arrivals in 2015 (up to November) signifying a number of 330,119 arrivals due to the growing trend of Chinese arrivals. China records 198,940 arrivals up to November in 2015. East Asia is growing at a rate of 31.4% compared to last year solely due to the China market, which has shown a rapid increase of 68.9% as at November 2015.

Number of arrivals from Middle East totaled 93,895 recorded a growth of 10.6% compared to last year. This was mainly due to the growth of UAE, Oman and Israel markets. Australia has also shown a healthy growth rate of 9.1% recording a number of 58,017 arrivals as at November 2015, data showed.

India, China and UK are established in 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions by the number of tourist arrivals to Sri Lanka during the period of January to November 2015. These three key markets represent 39% of the total tourist arrivals at present.