Says ATF President Anil Kanna who is in Sri Lanka

Asian Tennis Federation (ATF) President Anil Kanna said that within the next five years tennis in Asia will grow due to vast development projects and the conducting of tournaments.

ATF members are in Sri Lanka to attend the AGM that will take place on November 28 (Saturday) at the Cinnamon Lakeside. This is part of the centenary celebrations of the Sri Lanka Tennis Association (SLTA).

Kanna of India has been the president of the ATF since 2005 and will be uncontested to the top seat once again.

“Everybody wants me to stay there,” said Kanna.

Members from all Asian countries are present in Colombo for the meeting. Some of these members are women who have joined from the Asian region.

CEO Rajat Kapoor, also of India, and based in the head office of the AFT in Thailand is also here.

Sri Lanka’s Suresh Subramaniam who is the Secretary of the ATF was chiefly responsible in inviting the members to Sri Lanka.