The Government Medical Officers’ Association (GMOA) has threatened to launch an island-wide strike next week if the government failed to respond positively to two key issues discussed at its Central Committee meeting today.

Issuing a media release, the GMOA stated that an urgent Central Committee meeting was held at its trade union head office today with the participation of 85 GMOA branches located island-wide.

Two key matters were taken up for discussion at this meeting, according to the GMOA. They were the decision taken by the government to suspend concessionary vehicle permits to senior government officials, and the failure to introduce an adjustment to the basic salary of government employees.

The GMOA noted that the Central Committee unanimously approved a proposal to launch an island-wide strike at any time during the coming week if the government failed to respond positively to these issues within the next several days. The Central Committee also endorsed to work collectively with other professionals regarding these issues, the release further said.

  • Garawi

    >>concessionary vehicle permits to senior government officials,
    This is pathetic ! Only a handful of doctors are really concerned about the patients.The good old medical ethics are not practiced by these leeches of doctors who only want to make money unconcerned of the patient. These Sri Lanka qualified doctors were educated with the money of the nation and ended up with good salaried jobs. Still they want to bleed the nation by asking for duty free vehicles. If the government halted that practice introduced by former regimes for political mileage that was done for the good of the country. These GMOA guys do not have any concern about the country. Their threat is a shameless act! No doctor any where in the world has stooped down so low except may be in Sri Lanka. I haven’t heard even any other south asian country where the standards are lower for doctors have threatened with such trade union action. The government must stay put and deny there illegal request for duty free permits.

  • Buddhika Lokubandara

    So the rats that were silent during the Rajapaksa Regime are now barking. What a farce. The rascals who have taken the “HYPOCRITICAL OATH.”

  • Observer

    These doctors have become worst than terrorists trying to create problems for the government at the expense of public to win their selfish demands. Today the new government has presented a budget giving some relief to the masses by reducing the cost of essential foods and gas. These selfish doctors while enjoying the benefits given to masses are not satisfied till they get their pound of flesh. These doctors get the benefit of free education at schools and then at Medical College. To provide for free education for them the government has to allocate money for education by sutting down the funds which could provide relief to the masses. Then they protest against the formation of private medical college which does not require funds from the government but could earn income for the country to provide relief for the masses. Private Medical Colleges will save foreign exchange moving out to India, Pakistan. Bangaladesh. etc where our children are enrolling for higher education as they are unable to enter Sri Lanka University due to limited vacancies. Coming out of the medical college the doctors start at a minimum salary of Rs 80,000/- a month. They can kill anybody but patients cannot do anything. The Government has proposed to discontinue the duty free licence scheme to save money. But these doctors who think they are gods but really are devils want the duty free permit, Some sell these permits to mudalalis and earn more millions. It is time that the people who paid for the education of these doctors, who make them millionaires by seeking their services at exhobhitant rates take a stand against them If they strike do not let them come back. Let them resign and go abroad where the highest profession they can get is being a nurse. Some of them will end up pushing medicine trolleys in super markets. Wake up good doctors, do not let a handful disdgrace a once honoured proffesion.