A Master Plan relating to the Megapolis project is scheduled to be completed in 2016 and most of the projects are to be implemented on Public Private Partnership (PPP) basis, Sri Lanka’s Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake said on Friday. Accordingly the Minister has proposed to allocate a sum of Rs.10 billion for projects such as township development, urban solid waste management, etc.

Meanwhile, the government has in total allocated a sum of Rs. 14 billion for North and East Development while a sum of Rs. 1 billion has been allocated to undertake housing programmes to build low cost houses and amenities for the plantation community.

“We plan to convene a Donor Conference in 2016, to generate support from bilateral and multilateral agencies to enhance the rehabilitation of the North and the East,” Minister Karunanayake.

The Minister said that the government plans on building 20,000 houses especially in the Districts of Mannar and Mulativu, with proper sanitation facilities, access to clean water and electricity. Further, improvement of the construction of the Delft Jetty, renovation of roads from Velanai to Kayts, establishment of clinical waste management system etc., also will be accommodated, the Minister said.

“I also propose to establish through a PPP, a Red clay factory in Oddusuddan enhancing livelihood development in the area,” the Minister proposed.