Heavy rains with over 150 mm rainfalls have made number of reservoirs in northern and eastern regions to overfill threatening low lying areas with floods. Sluice gates of several reservoirs including the Iranamadu tank in the North, Nachchiduwa, Kala Wewa, Nuwara Wewa, and Ampara Wewa were opened as the water levels increased. Water levels of Senanayake Samudraya were said to be rising with the continuous rain.

According to the Disaster Management Center, as of Sunday evening, 94,885 people from 27,844 families, most of them in Northern Province have been affected by floods. The authorities have evacuated 8,687 people from 2,483 families to safe locations. They have been provided with adequate food, clean water, medicine and sanitary facilitiesby the Disaster Management Centre.

Met Department forecast showers or thundershowers will occur at times in the northern half and south-western parts of the island. Heavy falls of about 100 mm are also likely at some places. Maximum rainfall for the last 24 hours of 166.6 mm has been recorded in Achchiweli, Jaffna.