By T.B. Rahaman

The Sri Lanka Badminton Association has called up a set of hand picked players to form the national pool and began training them yesterday in preparation for the next SAF Games to be held early next year in India.

Former Sri Lanka junior badminton coach Chinthaka Fernando when contacted said that the pool consists of some players who have taken part in a few tournaments this year.

“How can they select a pool without a selection committee and some players have not even participated in recently conducted tournaments,” noted Fernando.

The outspoken Fernando also said that the sport is in an utter mess as nothing is functioning in the good governance manner as promised by the officials.

“These officials only want to be elected to office, but they are not interested in improving the sport in any way. The affiliates are not coming out strongly against the improper management of the committee as they too are only interested in being elected to hold office,” observed Fernando.

The elections to the Sri Lanka Badminton Association (SLBA) are due on December 15. However, amendments to the constitution have not been done yet. Even the Sports Ministry has not changed certain clauses to the Sports Law yet and until such time the ban imposed on SLBA by the Badminton World Federation (BWF) will remain.

“It will be difficult to get the ban lifted easily as the BWF is very strict on their principals and will not be convinced easily of the changes made by SLBA,” said Fernando.

“It is understood that the current president Suraj Dandeniya wants to continue occupying the top seat while some other members are trying to lure some past officials back into the association. Even these past officials have not functioned in a proper manner before and badminton will continue to function in a mess,” pointed out Fernando.