(L to R) Akiko Suganuma, G Kulathilake, Chitral Jayawardane, Upali Jayasekera, Ambassador Kenichi Suganuma and Asako Okai

Kenichi Suganuma, Ambassador of Japan, formally awarded the Foreign Minister’s Commendations to Upali Stanley Jayasekera, Chitral Jayawardane and G Kulatilake, at a special ceremony held on October 26, at the Ambassador’s residence in Colombo.

The Foreign Minister’s Commendations are awarded to individuals and groups for their outstanding achievements in international fields, to acknowledge their contribution to the promotion of friendship between Japan and foreign countries.

Upali Stanley Jayasekera has been commended for contributing to the promotion of mutual understanding and friendship between Japan and Sri Lanka as Chairman of Sasakawa Trust and Secretary of JICA Alumni Association of Sri Lanka (JICA AA).

Chitral Jayawardane has received the commendation in recognition of his services as a founder member of JICA AA for over 40 years and especially for having actively led its large membership network with his strong leadership and popularity as President since 2010.

G Kulatilake has been awarded the commendation in recognition of establishing Japan Sri Lanka Technical and Cultural Association (JASTECA) which is an alumni association of people who obtained technical training in Japan and diffused the use of Japanese 5S management tool in Sri Lanka.