Sri Lanka’s Bandaranaike International Airport in Colombo has been listed amongst the worst airports in Asia based on findings from a recent survey of the travel website, The Guide to Sleeping in Airports. The rankings have been based on overall airport experience as determined by voters in its 2015 Airport Survey.

“Sri Lanka’s primary airport is criticized for dirt and corruption. Bathrooms are, like in many other terminals on this list, remarkably unclean and under-stocked with soap and tissues. The stench of the bathrooms reportedly has an ability to radiate out behind the doors, infusing the terminal more broadly. Voters also complained about long queues for immigration, created by seemingly disorganized staff. They were also irritated by a number of pushy porters hoping to carry luggage. That said, CMB is said to be better than many other small Asian airports, given that it is easy enough to navigate, and offers conveniences like local SIM card purchase inside the terminal,” the website said.

The Port Harcourt International Airport of Nigeria has emerged as the worst airport in the world this year, followed by Jeddah King Abdulaziz International Airport in Saudi Arabia, Kathmandu Tribhuvan International Airport in Nepal, Tashkent International Airport in Uzbekistan, Caracas Simon Bolivar International Airport in Venezuela and Port au Prince Toussaint Louverture International Airport in Haiti.

“The best airports in Asia are far more than just the best on the continent – many of them are ranked the best in the world! Here, the terminals fuse practical necessities with opulent extravagances to make for the ultimate airport experience. A layover or visit here begins with airports that are reliably clean, comfortable, convenient and friendly. Basics covered, these airports then move on to surpass expectations through extravagances like indoor gardens, IMAX theatres, decadent spas, museums, multi-story slides and free city tours. Virtually all provide free and unlimited Wi-Fi, great restaurant selection and fantastic shopping as well,” the website said.

Kabul Hamid Karzai International Airport in Afghanistan is seventh worst airport, followed by Ho Chi Minh City Tan Son Nhat International Airport in Vietnam, Islamabad Benazir Bhutto International Airport in Pakistan and Paris Beauvais-Tille International Airport outside Paris.

In Asia, the Kathmandu Tribhuvan International Airport in Nepal was named worst airport.

Tashkent International Airport in Uzbekistan came in second, followed by Kabul Hamid Karzai International Airport in Afghanistan.

The other worst airports in in Asia are Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh City Tân Son Nhat International Airport, Pakistan’s Islamabad Benazir Bhutto International Airport, China’s Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, India’s Chennai International Airport, Bangladesh’s Dhaka Shahjalal International Airport and Sri Lanka’s Colombo Bandaranaike International Airport.

Best airports

Singapore’s Changi International Airport was named the best airport in the world.

South Korea’s Seoul Incheon International Airport, Japan’s Tokyo Haneda International Airport, Taiwan’s Taipei Taoyuan International Airport, Hong Kong International Airport, Germany’s Munich International Airport, Finland’s Helsinki International Airport, Canada’s Vancouver International Airport, Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur International Airport and Switzerland’s Zurich Kloten International Airport also made it to the top 10 best airports list.

Asia’s best

In Asia, Singapore’s Changi International Airport, South Korea’s Incheon International Airport, Japan’s Tokyo Haneda International Airport, Taiwan’s Taipei Taoyuan International Airport, Hong Kong International Airport and Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur International Airport were joined by Japan’s Osaka Kansai International Airport, India’s New Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport, Hyderabad Rajiv Gandhi International Airport and Mumbai Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport as the 10 best airports.

Ironically, Sri Lanka’s Mattala Rajapaksa International Airport has not been featured either among the best or the worst airports in Asia.


Best Airports in Asia in 2015

Worst Airports in Asia in 2015

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