Sri Lanka’s Minister of Finance Ravi Karunanayake recently took part in an ‘Interactive Session’ with 25 CEO’s of top corporate firms, representing a wide cross section of businesses, such as Apparel, Agriculture, IT/BPO, Construction, Manufacturing, Banking & Finance and Tourism etc., during a ‘Pre Budget Breakfast Meeting’, organized by the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce.

A team of senior officials consisting of the Secretary, Deputy Secretary and Director – Economic Affairs of the General Treasury as well as the Deputy Governor of the Central Bank also participated in the discussions, which took place recently at the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce.

This unique initiative was taken by the Chamber for creating a platform for the corporate leaders and the Ministry of Finance to deliberate on the current status and the issues and concerns faced by various business sectors and to identify way forward for transforming the economy, especially in the context of the National Budget 2016.

The Minister while underscoring the commitment of the government to take the economy forward assured the business community that he would consider the rational proposals made by the members of the business community when formulating the ‘Budget 2016’.

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