The victim, Wasantha de Zoysa

Fourteen suspects have now been taken into police custody in connection with an attack on a nightclub in Anuradhapura on October 24 where the club’s owner was killed and three employees seriously injured.

Police arrested eight suspects on October 26. They were produced before the Anuradhapura Magistrate’s Court today (27) where six of them were remanded in custody till November 9. The other two suspects were ordered to be further detained for 48 hours and questioned. They are due to be produced before courts tomorrow (28).

Further investigations had led police to arrest six other suspects this evening. In addition to weapons and several vehicles already recovered in connection with the crime, police also recovered a canter vehicle that the suspects had allegedly used to make their escape.

Close to 30 persons are thought to have been involved in the attack on the nightclub.

The deceased nightclub owner, Alexander Wasantha Wickrama de Zoysa, was a well-known figure in the area and was also a karate champion who had broken numerous records.