Police Special Task Force (STF) has recovered 120.93 grams of heroin hidden in a car registered under the name of the mother of notorious drug kingpin ‘Wele Suda’. Police Media Unit stated that STF officers had conducted a search of the car yesterday, where they recovered the hidden stash of drugs.

The find was made subsequent to the interrogation of three suspects; two females and a male, who were taken into custody by the Borella Police on October 20 on charges of heroin possession. One of the female suspects was later revealed to be the sister of Wele Suda. A car belonging to the male suspect was also taken into custody during the raid.

The heroin hidden in the car was recovered following a statement made by this male suspect, police further said.

The three suspects were produced before the Maligakanda Magistrate’s Court on October 21, where they were ordered to be held in detention by Borella Police and questioned until October 26.

Investigations on the car had revealed that the vehicle is registered to Wele Suda’s mother. Borella Police are conducting further investigations.

Wele Suda was sentenced to death on October 14 by the Colombo High Court, after being found guilty of possessing 7.05 grams of heroin.