Pic courtesy President's Media

President Maithripala Sirisena invited all the representatives who participated in the all party representatives meeting to come up with their ideas, suggestions and criticism. The meeting has been convened to discuss the measures the Sri Lankan government should take on the resolution that was adopted at the recently concluded UN Human Rights Council Sessions in Geneva.

The President spoke on the UNHRC report on Sri Lanka and said that it has suggested that both sides of the conflict, the government and the LTTE have committed human rights violations. He said that there were reports in the media that the resolution must be neglected and rejected. However, he reiterated that a responsible government has to face the UNHRC recommendations along with the main parties concerned

He also added that the issue that has been discussed over three years in Geneva has now taken a positive stride in contrast to the recommendations made at the initial sessions. He asked the representatives to make their minds to meet again twice or thrice to find a final response to this issue. However, he said that their meeting again will totally depend on the consent of the participants.

He also suggested representatives to bring their proposals in writing within two weeks. He further added that respecting democracy, he and his government were ready to  listen to the ideas of all political parties with regard to the Sri Lanka co-sponsored UN resolution.