President Maithripala Sirisena emphasized that there must not be a single opportunity for war again in the country as the country has suffered three decades. In a meeting with a group of representatives of the World Alliance of Religions’ Peace Summit, he asked the assistance of the religious leaders and dignitaries to make the reconciliation process a success.

“Assistance from all religious leaders is essential to accomplish the program carried out by the government to build peace and reconciliation among different communities in Sri Lanka,” he said. He also pointed out the intervention of religious leaders on behalf of Sri Lanka at international level is necessary.

The representatives have commended the governing procedure by the new government to build peace and reconciliation in the country and they have also extended their corporation. Ven. Dr Bellanwila Vimalarathana Thero, Ven. Brahmanawaththe Seewali Thero and other religious leaders participated in this occasion