Forty five people die due to smoking daily and it is tobacco which kills the highest number of people. If this trend continues, many young Sri Lankans around 35 years will die before their parents, Government Medical Officers’ Association President Dr. Anuruddha Padeniya told the media personnel at a forum held at the Government Information Department.

He also said over 30 percent of Sri Lankan children are overweight while the number of Sri Lankans with cancers has doubled. Certain cancers such as Thyroid cancer has increased by six or seven percent.

Senior lecturer, Medicine Department of Clinical Medicine University of Colombo Dr. Prasad Katulanda who also addressed the media personnel said a research conducted in 2006 revealed that around 10 percent of Sri Lankans suffer from diabetes. The research has also revealed that another 10 percent have pre-diabetes condition.

Another recent research has revealed this percentage has increased to 25 percent. One in every five Sri Lankans has diabetes or pre-diabetes, he said. “50 percent of adults in Colombo district suffer from diabetes/ pre-diabetes. Diabetes leads to many other serious diseases,” Dr. Katulanda said.