China Machinery Engineering Corporation (CMEC) participated in a ceremony to award scholarships to students of the Pahiyangala, Yatagampitiya Primary School on September 28, 2015 as another step in the CSR activities conducted by the company.

The village, Pahiyangala, which is named after Ven. Pahiyan Thera, the Chinese Explorer Buddhist monk who discovered and lived in the area over 1,000 years ago. The Chinese Government has already built a housing scheme at the very location where the rock shelter in which the venerable monk had made his home, is said to have existed. The school building for the area is also a part of China’s gift to the Pahiyangala village in memory of the Thera, showcasing the centuries old friendly relations between the two nations.

CMEC, a Chinese government entity, also unveiled a special plaque at the ceremony held at the Yatagampitiya Primary School grounds as a pledge to continue this bond between China and Sri Lanka. The ceremony was attended by a number of officials of CMEC as well as Indrajith Janaka Senadira, Principal of the school accompanied by teachers and students. Former Regional Director of Education, KD Karunaratne and a past teacher of the school, A Udamyawala  were also guests at the event.

The unveiling coincided with the giving away of Rs. 10,000 scholarships to three students, who had received the best results at last year’s final exams. The recipients of the scholarships, selected by the school committee consisting of the Principal and teaching staff were MT Chalani Maduwanthi of Grade 11, W Bashitha Lakshan from Grade 8 and Amasha Thaksarani of Grade 7.

Qian Haojun, Deputy General Manager of CMEC who unveiled the plaque, speaking at the ceremony said that CMEC was an organization of international repute operating in many countries across the globe. “We are currently involved in a number of international projects, but this village here in Sri Lanka has a special significance for us, and what we have achieved here is a cementing of the friendship that has long existed between our two nations. Because of this very bond, we wish to contribute further towards the development of Sri Lanka’s energy and water supply sectors and we are committed to give of our best for the maximum growth in this nation,” he said.

Indrajith Janaka Senadira, Principal of the school thanked CMEC, saying that the assistance and support extended by the Chinese Company to a school with such little facilities was greatly appreciated. He added that the Company had donated computers, water filters and other valuable equipment for the use of the school during the previous year as well; and he believes that these scholarships will be a good opportunity to the students to study hard in the future and make their lives bright and make the nation proud.