Abans offers you the chance to experience optimum cleaning performance and energy saving opportunities thanks to a wide range of washing machines with innovative LG technologies. In keeping with the worlds demand for more eco-friendly products Abans houses a plethora of choices ranging from domestic to commercial use to provide its customers with the best option suited for their needs.

LG washing machines have gained widespread recognition over the years with their elegant designs and cutting-edge technology pertaining to water and energy conservation making it a reliable choice worldwide.

Depending on the preference of customers both front-load and top-load LG washing machines are equipped with features that drive energy and water efficiency without compromising on the overall performance of the product. Similarly, a variety of capacity options are available to satisfy different lifestyles and laundry loads required.

The Inverter Direct Drive Motor, which is directly connected to the drum of the machine, plays an integral part in energy saving by eliminating the use of additional belts and pulleys. This feature prevents the machine from causing vibrations and emitting noise disturbance while it is operating. The LG Inverter Direct Drive Motor comes with a 10 year warranty to portray their confidence in the durability and efficiency of the product whilst at the same time safeguarding customers by giving them confidence in their purchase decision.

With the inclusion of the 6 Motion Technology LG washing machines use a combination of up to six different wash motions to deliver the best cleaning performance while being gentle on the clothing at the same time. LG aims at caring for all your garments from delicate silks to luxury couture without worrying about the potential damage that can be caused if the overall wash is too harsh on the fabric.