Swarna Hansa Foundation, an outspoken social development organization in Sri Lanka claims bribery charges against former United Nations General Assembly president John Ashe only re-affirms the UN’s unholy relationship with private businesses.

According to the Head of the organization Gallege Punyawardena, the group has always protested against UN initiated or backed projects as they are solely business promotion projects. “They represent business concerns of the west, particularly the US,” he said.

Explaining his views Gallege said this is proved through the manner the UN Food and Agricultural Organization promoted the use of agro chemicals in Sri Lanka. “We have revealed how the UN, FAO and WHO tried to cover up that chronic kidney disease is caused by agro chemicals introduced to Sri Lanka by the FAO,” he said.

The Swarna Hansa Foundation has already filed a case against the UNFAO with the Human Rights Commission in Sri Lanka holding the UNFAO accountable for violation of Human Rights such as the right to life and the right to livelihood.

US authorities have charged the former United Nations General Assembly president John Ashe with taking bribes from a Chinese billionaire. Ashe is accused of taking USD 1.3 million as bribes and spending the cash on luxury goods.