CEO Speaker Yasith on the podium

Sri Lanka’s upcoming start-up Cobweb IO lead by a group of youth has ventured in to the space of Internet of Things (IOT) with the aim of making the real smart objects social to the millions of smart device users and gained significant recognition at the recently concluded IOT Asia show Singapore, held from September 22 and 23. At the show, companies such as BOSH, Intel, HCL Tech, Equinix and many others took part showcasing their IOT platforms.

CEO, Founder Yasith Lokuge, a graduate student of School of Computing, Colombo University believes that the next biggest revolution is going to be the social network of things with devices getting extremely smart.

Further he added, “Let the device do the talking. We are a web based cloud solutions platform in the business of social network for internet of things.”

The idea was explained through these scenarios by the founder,
1. GreyJoy who lives away wants to check his mother’s diabetes levels;

2. Erlic who lives in an apartment is worried at work, and isn’t sure whether he switched off his Smart Iron or not;

3. Jean, a working mother on the drive, wants to check as to what is available for cooking inside the refrigerator at home.

4. Jack, who uses a thermostat to monitor energy levels and save cost, wants to gather insightful data!

“Have you ever personally experienced this kind of a need?”
Cobweb idea is simple;

We all have smart devices’ smart phone, smart watch, wearable, maybe a raspberry pi or an Arduino.  And those devices have sensors such as temperature sensor, pressure sensor not only that, it may be a heart rate sensor or blood glucose sensor. Now imagine those devices and sensors can talk.

Social network of things (2)What if GreyJoy is notified with a daily average sugar level and heart rate analysis of his mother’s, Erlic could simply turnoff the iron from workplace and Jean could see the vegetables inside the refrigerator for a soup?

That’s where cobweb comes to your help. Cobweb is a social network designed for smart devices. Cobweb’s single platform will allow devices to communicate with each other, and with you, without having to maintain different applications. Not only that, it allows you to add friends, family members and subscribe to their devices as well, upon approval. This is what we call giving social life to things.

In simple terms, on Facebook you see the newsfeed of your friends’ activities; on Cobweb you will see the newsfeed of your things.

Cobweb is designed to be used by general users, maker community, DIY artists, device manufacturers and companies who are the target market and will be rolled out to them. Cobweb’s technology unleashes the user genius.

Cobweb will ease the problem by reducing time, cost, and increasing functionality and productivity; in the ways of device management, monitoring and analytics, storage on a single platform, end to end real time connectivity, interoperability across devices.

Yasith emphasized, “One thing that really surprised us when we started exploring this market was the forecast done by the International Data Corporation (IDC) which estimates 32 billion devices will be connected to the Internet by 2020 and growth of cloud based data as a percentage of total data is going to be 37 percent at 15,000 Exabytes.”

Strength of Cobweb is tremendous since the origination of the idea, and a strong team of engineers, designers, researches on sensors and business executives with industry experiences are working on the platform without any doubt for the success of the product platform.

The co-founder Sanjeev added that, Cobweb IO is happy to announce the private beta version which has got few thousand signups since the launch few weeks back, and it’s expected to grow in the upcoming months.

Cobweb IO is looking to partner with companies who need IoT solutions to increase productivity, companies who know the impact that IoT could bring to the world; the enterprise edition is served for businesses.

“Welcome to the revolution in social network of things” –

From left  – Sanjeev, Yasith, Madhawa, Shujan and Jessica
From left – Sanjeev, Yasith, Madhawa, Shujan and Jessica