S-lon Lanka, one of Sri Lanka’s leading PVC products manufacturer, became the first and only manufacturer in the country to be bestowed the prestigious SLS 147:2013 standard in recognition of excellence towards PVC pipes.

The SLS 147:2013 comes ahead of the existing SLS 147:1993 standard, being an award that acknowledges higher standards of safety, superior international testing standards and precision construction.

The new standard takes into account a complete new system of higher international standards, setting a higher benchmark of excellence for manufacturers to achieve. Among the new benchmarks are increased Safety Factors to reduce plumbing errors and miscalculations in Pressure applications, a higher number of pressure classes to suit the exact need of the application and a temperature de-rating factor to allow for the use of the pipes in hot water applications with de-rating. Higher numbers of applications are also allowed, such as drinking water and effluent disposal under pressure.

Thus, the SLS 147: 2013 standard certifies the maintenance of stringent policies, regulations and best practices by S-lon over the years in manufacturing the finest thermoplastic pipes in Sri Lanka.

“We at The House of S-lon constantly strive towards going beyond the ordinary, to preserve water, bringing Sri Lankan’s across the island joy and peace of mind, through everything we do,” Group Director, The Capital Maharaja Organization, S.C. Weerasekera said. “We take every day as a challenge to take our products beyond the ordinary and as such it brings us great pride to know that our standards of excellence and passion have been recognized with the prestigious SLS 147:2013 Standard.”