The laying of the new water pipe project in Colombo is going on for so many months. Thereby digging the whole of Colombo but repairing only the main roads. We do not know who is repairing them, whether the Water Board or the CMC. Other areas such as streets, lanes, gardens are mostly not repaired and those which are repaired have been not attended properly.

Pedestrians and residents are badly inconvenienced, as they are forced to walk over mud filled paths. If a particular road is dug, it should be first completed by fixing the necessary connection lines (the blue tubes that are fixed to the external walls of the houses). But that is not done. They dig and keep them unattended for months. This is too bad for the people to bear the inconvenience.

It should be specially mentioned here that those days when a broken road is repaired it would continue to be solid despite of rains or stagnation of rain waters. But now the repairs last long only for a few weeks. Apparently, the repairing mixture seems to be of low quality. This could be commonly seen everywhere the CMC workers have repaired the roads. Just for the rain, pot-holes reappear as they are shoddily repaired. The District Engineers are responsible for the lapses like these.

Further, when road developments were done we expected the pavement edges to be free from stagnated waters. But in most areas it is still the same. Near bus halts people cannot get into buses because of this clogged waters and it is ugly too. Roads are not level between sumps so how can water pass into them. It is very unfortunate that CMC engineers, specially responsible for road maintenance and street lights, could not attend to shortcomings satisfactorily.

Could anyone walk along Prince, Maliban, Keyzer, Fourth and Fifth Cross Streets and other connected roads in Pettah without placing the foot on muddy waters? Why does not the CMC carpet the whole of Pettah like it has done to the Main Street?

Lastly, those involved in any project works and other state institutions like the CMC, CEB, Water Board, etc should be compelled to mention the contact numbers of the project handlers besides displaying warning boards, etc so that the public could directly contact them for any purpose. This is very important.
Nazly Cassim