Meegahathenna Police have foiled a brazen attempt by two individuals who tried to rob a van after coming to the owner’s residence on the pretext of buying it.

Police said two persons had last night answered an advertisement placed in the newspaper by the owner of the van regarding the sale of the vehicle. The two had arrived at the residence of the owner on the pretext of seeing the van and had later told him that they needed to conduct a road test on it. As such, the owner, together with a relative of his, had gone with the two men.

Whilst they were on the road, one of the suspects, who was driving, had stated that there seemed to be defect with one of the rear wheels. At this point, the owner’s relative had got down from the van to check the matter, whereupon the suspect had driven away in the vehicle.

Realizing that his vehicle was being stolen, the owner had started shouting for help, when he was thrown out of the van by the suspects near the Meegahathenna hospital.

However, after Meegahathenna police had been informed of the incident at about 8.30pm, officers who were on mobile vehicle patrol had given chase to the vehicle. They had managed to apprehend one suspect and also took the van into their custody.

The arrested suspect has been identified as a 23-year-old resident of Pitabeddara. The other suspect, who escaped, has also been identified and investigations are currently underway to arrest him. The arrested suspect is due to be produced before the Mathugama Magistrate today.