Police guarding a bus after assailants opened fire and stabbed passengers in Jerusalem on October 13, 2015. (Israeli Police Image)

Attacks by Palestinians in Jerusalem have killed at least two people and wounded several others, Israeli authorities say, as a wave of violence continues to sweep the occupied territories and Israel.

Two Palestinians shot and stabbed passengers on a bus on Tuesday, killing one and injuring five, Israeli media reported.

One of the assailants was killed, an ambulance service spokesman said, and the other was admitted to hospital with injuries.

Minutes later, another Palestinian drove his car into a bus stop in the centre of Jerusalem, then got out and began stabbing pedestrians, killing at least one and wounding several, police said.

The attacker was “neutralised”, Israeli police officers said, without giving details.

The incidents unfolded shortly after a Palestinian stabbed and wounded an Israeli man in a Tel Aviv suburb.

The alleged assailant was then kicked and beaten by passers-by, amateur video distributed by police showed.

The assailant was injured and brought to hospital, Israeli police said.

Increasing anger

Until Tuesday, four Israelis and 27 Palestinians, including eight alleged attackers and eight children, had died since October 3.

The worst spell of street violence for years has been stirred in part by Palestinian anger over increasing Jewish visits to al-Aqsa Mosque compound in occupied East Jerusalem.

The stabbing attacks have stoked concern of a new Palestinian uprising and though Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, have appealed for calm, the violence shows no signs of abating.

Palestinian groups have declared a Day of Rage on Tuesday across the occupied West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem.

The leaders of Israel’s Palestinian community have called for a commercial strike in their towns and villages.

Heavy clashes erupted on Sunday in cities and villages across the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem.

Frustration has boiled over into violence as Israel continues to build Jewish-only settlements throughout the West Bank in defiance of international law.

At least 1,990 Palestinians have been injured, according to the Palestinian Authority’s Ministry of Health, and rights groups have accused Israeli forces of using excessive force. (Al Jazeera)