If a teenager has a phone he or she tends to go on games, social media, and listen to music. None of these three things fit in to the category of what you are supposed to use a phone for. Phones are meant for calling and texting in emergencies, and not too long ago that’s what people used them for. But now that they have got all fancy phones have apps like instagram, minecraft, snapchat and many more useless sites.

It isn’t so much our phones that we are addicted to, but more the apps on our phones. I know many of my friends have social media apps on their phones, making it hard to resist going on them.

Social media is kind of like a competition. Whenever I am on snapchat and I see that someone else is having a great time I feel pressured to make it look like I’m having fun too. But the fact is no one really cares what you’re doing as long as they are doing something better. Not only are you pressured by your friends, but also you are pressured to know what celebrity is doing what, and what the newest songs are. All this stress could lead to depression neglect of friends, family, work or school.

Though this is a problem, just being on your phone is a problem as well. Most teenagers go to bed with their phones. This is very bad for your eyes. Also you can’t get a good sleep which means you’ll be tired in the morning, you won’t be able to pay attention in class, your grades will drop and it all goes downhill from there. So being on your phone doesn’t just affect your eyes. It also lowers your ability to talk to people in person because you’re so used to texting that you can’t get through a conversation without getting anxious.

Phones also affect your reading. As I read in this article (Digital Distractions: your brain on screens) a class from Pine Crest was brought to a huge beautiful library and all the students sat there on their phones. It is because teenagers become so obsessed with their phones that they could bump into a person and still not notice it. In the article it also says that being addicted to your phone is just like being addicted to drugs, alcohol, or gambling. My mother always says anything is good as long as it is used in moderation. That means being on your phone is fine just not for excessive amounts of time.