It’s the moment of truth, and it has arrived. Clad in white, smart in tie and sari the undergrads mill about. It’s the final day in the beautiful valley. Four years of brotherhood have come to this junction in life. The place where they trudged in apprehensively as unsure boys and naive girls has done its job, it looks as if. Men and ladies fill the grounds. Timidity a rarity.

Handshakes, hugs and animated laughter rule. Long time pals gather round looking for that perfect backdrop for the final pictures and selfies. Faces with smiles reach out, even to those whom they didn’t have much to do within the entire time at university. Naturally, it’s time for hearts to come out of hiding and the attitude to hold its reins.

So goes the chatter about many a promise to stick together, eager discussions about meetings in future, trips and forums. Most of the talk is about finding reasons to and ways to meet once again, to remember and cherish.

Yet, they may know that in this little island of ours there exist plenty places to hideaway, where souls could vanish in to, destined never to meet in person, except for those lifeless and doctored photos of made up smiles in a profile update or an aimless chat online. Something’s never get rekindled, it seems. And the hearts yearn and long for those life-filled moments to be resurrected, vainly and longingly.

Inevitably, it’s the end of togetherness of a time finally reaching its reluctant expiry. The moment for a new beginning it may be. Till the fresh dreams begin in another time, in another realm. To go separate ways they part, in search of different priorities. Eyes bid their byes, hope and dreams beckoning. It’s hard when future needs us to leave the past behind.

It’s the real life enactment of those ubiquitous scenes from the movies, those timeless moments which seem to live forever in celluloid across the divides of cinema cultures. Locked eyes brimming with tears and hurried words in between moments of heart rending silence. The tight embrace, tender kiss and then the signature parting scene.

Little do we realize how often we become characters of the same movie moments, true to life, from a dusty bus stop to the swank terminal at Katunayake.

That little tug in the heart, to linger a wee bit more, false smiles trying in vain to hide away the pain and words spoken out of place with glistening eyes. Words don’t matter in fact, faces do the speech.

Shared moments of the past come rushing in along with the confused images flashing by. Reminiscences of a silent heart and rekindling of multiple sparks in the deep recesses of the mind- the things which make even a hardy soul to melt through his built in armor.

Eyes moist, with lumps in the throat we try in vain to survive the moment, rarely managing it perfect. People plan meetings word by word, rehearse them endless. But partings never. Better let the flow of the moment take its course, because plans go haywire when the hearts set the rules.

It’s the ultimate moment of an affair between two hearts which wowed to stay forever but for the destiny calling, or a final tribute to a teacher who toiled. The last day at the office with a team who stood by through and through. Or the golden silence in gratitude of a child about to take wings, eyes finally tearing away from their last resting place, a mother’s tear filled gaze.

Haven’t our lives been molded by those heartrending partings as much as by our much celebrated meetings?

Amazing the way we tend to value those motionless moments of time and space, lost for words and humbled in the presence of a life we hold dear.

Meetings pale in to the passage of time. Partings stay. Fresh, lingering and living.