Wealth of Ears
Eyes can easily be deceived. Ears on the other hand are hard to deceive. Men see a woman and their eyes say ‘an angel,’ after hearing her voice our initial judgment may change. Usually our ears are of greater use than our eyes when arriving at a sound judgment.

But sometimes when an attraction gets hold of our eyes even our ears cannot break it. Then our ears follow our eyes and we would be totally deceived.

Anyway, our love for many films emerges out of our love for their music and songs. The reality of the films is that visuals are to accompany the sound and music rather than the opposite.

But there is a question in relation to politicians. Politicians mainly address our ears and not our eyes. It means that we are deceived or betrayed by our own ears, but not by our eyes.  I cannot explain this too. Anyway politicians try to appear attractive before our eyes too. But when they succeed in deceiving our eyes too we become totally blind.  So,I conclude that the special ability of the politician is to make our ears ‘blind’ too.

So, finally I think I have given a good definition about the blindness. So, more than trying to keeping your eyes open, try to keep your ears ‘open’. We become blind mainly due to our ears, but not due to our eyes. So, let’s protect our ears more than our eyes.