US Congress should consider issuing a legal summons to Secretary of State John Kerry to force him to testify on the crisis in Syria, Senator Bob Corker said during a congressional meeting.

“I don’t know what steps to take, subpoenaing a secretary of state is certainly an extraordinary step and one that needs to be thought about,” Corker was quoted by Politico as saying on Thursday. “I don’t know what to do when you have the biggest crisis, people flooding into Europe, 100 percent change taking place on the ground.”
Corker announced last week that Kerry has been called on by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to explain current US policy on Syria.

In 2013, Senator Corker sponsored legislation to arm and train a Syrian opposition force. The Obama administration later adopted the policy, but critics allege it has been a complete failure.

Corker has said the Senate Foreign Relations Committee will conduct a series of hearings over the next several weeks on the US role and strategy in Syria and the Middle East.  (