President Maithripala Sirisena | Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe

During colonial occupation as part of divide-and-rule policy the Portuguese, Dutch and the British were quick to shower titles and select locals who would be their virtual servants, do anything that the colonials demanded and happily go against their own people. These locals were even given titles for their subservient roles. Fast forward to 2015 we seem to return to the past with the manner in which the Sri Lankan delegation are proud to have co-sponsored a resolution giving foreign interference & decision-making right into how Sri Lanka’s land, laws, justice systems, security & military will be changed according to what the West deems fit.

The resolutions and investigations passed ignore answering the illegality of using the UNSG’s personally appointed panel report to form the basis of resolutions/investigations by the OHCHR. A lone plaintiff has filed a case to argue this illegality. The UN however has mixed up its immunity to act with impunity and illegally and it is puzzling how Member nations of the UN are ready to watch the UN take over the sovereign rights of nations.
The Draft resolution contained 24 preamble paragraphs and 26 operative paragraphs
The resolutions have been based on

•  Unsubstantiated accusations and reports that are either sourced from pro-LTTE or hidden from the public using a bogus ‘witness protection’ excuse.

•  Allegations and co-sponsorships by the very countries that had had indirect links to the LTTE over the years

•  Evidence sourced from pro-LTTE fronts that are declared banned under UNSC 1373 resolution.

•  Evidence from pro-LTTE websites and propaganda channels

•  Evidence from pro-LTTE supporters

•  Evidence from parties linked to LTTE

•  Statements from foreign parliamentarians linked to LTTE organizations – Labor Party MP, Siobhain  McDonagh claimed 100,000 had been killed during the last phase. Her colleague Joan Ryan, formerly of the Labor Party parliamentary group, is now policy advisor to UK headquartered Global Tamil Forum (GTF) another banned LTTE front. Just as Miliband took a pro-LTTE stand to garner Tamil votes in his electorate!

•  False evidence exposed: One example Thayaparajah alleged to have been abducted by Sri Lanka military and killed in September 2009 (accusations coming from Robert Blake, University Teachers for Human Rights Jaffna, Australian Government Refugee Review Tribunal, Tamilnet, European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights and others), but Thayaparajah appeared in person with family in India questioning how many other ‘dead or missing’ may be living in India and other Western nations!!!

Resolutions ignore
•  Answering the illegalities by the UNSG/UNHRC

•  That two international investigations could not provide evidence

•  Unanswered questions about LTTE’s role under legal definitions.

•   The LTTE is an internationally banned terrorist organization

•  The fact that it was only after 30 years of suffering loss of lives and property and failure of peace talks, cease fires that the decision to militarily end the LTTE was taken and LTTE was offered several opportunities to lay down arms and surrender which they refused.

What bloc countries voting against Sri Lanka ignore
•   The LTTE’s material support came from individuals and organizations living and operating in foreign countries that have banned LTTE

•    These individuals and organizations openly canvass and promote separatism under a camouflaged name ‘self-determination’

•  The root of militancy is in India which first trained unemployed Sri Lankan Tamils in arms and guerilla warfare. India has been covertly destabilizing Sri Lanka. If Charles Taylor languishes in a UK prison for aiding and abetting war crimes in neighboring Sierra Leone, what is the UN stand on India’s role

UN Charter violated: Sri Lanka’s sovereign status violated
• The UNHRC enforcing foreign judges and prosecutors/investigators when the illegality of the UN/UHRC is itself in question and the fact that despite twoinvestigations no credible and legally acceptable evidence has been provided by either of the international investigators that were part of both investigations.

•   The UNHRC enforcing appointment of a Special Counsel another word for Special Prosecutor

•   The UNHRC changing the national laws/national systems and giving themselves the right to do as they please given that the GOSL has co-sponsored the resolution.
Where are those representatives of Sri Lanka’s national interest?

•  Politicians are silent, lawyers and judges have not opposed appointment of foreign judges/prosecutors only a handful of national organizations and patriots are bringing out the dangers and ramifications of the current Resolution to which the Ranil-Sirisena Govt.

have meekly succumbed
A government that cannot defend the nation, and its Armed Forces simply because its political greed takes precedence and revenge stops them from giving credit to the Rajapaksas for winning the terror over LTTE cannot be respected by the public or relied upon.

That the current government went to Geneva purposely unprepared and unwilling to defend the military victory by asking fundamental questions that would have stopped the UNHRC from bulldozing their way into creating precedents that would affect other nations is shameful and one that should go down in history. It was nothing other than unwillingness to give credit and defend all those that were party to a very difficult end to 30 years of terror that enabled the UNHRC to wriggle illegalities upon Sri Lanka making use of the mentality of our politicians.

Why has the GOSL simply accepted without a whimper a resolution that is one that is first of a kind, unique and which had never been done previously. Shouldn’t this have made the GOSL and officials wondered whether this exercise was being used as a test and Sri Lanka as a guinea pig case study on how to implement changes to sovereign nations which has not been touched because of the need to respect a country’s sovereign status!

How can the GOSL agree to…
•  Co-sponsoring a resolution that allows the intrusion into Sri Lanka’s internal affairs?

•  Agree to co-sponsor a resolution thereby abandoning nations that have stood by Sri Lanka over the years against the biased bloc votes by the US, UK and EU nations?

•  How can the GOSL agree to ‘effective security sector reforms’ when it means that outsiders would determine how the security of Sri Lanka takes shape.

•  How can the GOSL agree to demilitarize when it is the right of a sovereign state to position troops in its own country!

•   How can the GOSL even agree to downsize the military

•  How can the GOSL simply accept the suggestion to repeal the Prevention of Terrorism Act, change Penal Codes and command structures of the military?

•  What is the outcome when a government agrees to make fundamental changes to land laws, distribution of political and administrative powers, change the criminal laws that exist, establish ‘special courts’ as being suggested …. And can we be happy that the current government have agreed to all above and more (which we will only come to know much later) and we are made to feel happy that just because they use the word ‘unitary’ nothing much will get changed. After agreeing to change virtually everything the Sirisena-Ranil duo seem to think that they have done an admirable job and brought honorable victory to the country.

•  Why did the GOSL not use solid arguments that had been prepared by patriots in defense of Sri Lanka as well as the Paranagama Report which would have shown in no uncertain terms the lies that the OHCHR investigations had relied on?

•  Why did the GOSL simply accept the names of the defense forces and not question the list of LTTE as the OHCHR says ‘both parties’ if so where is the guilt list of the LTTE and how about those that had been materially supporting the LTTE. Shouldn’t the GOSL not have insisted on actions against the UNSC 1373 Resolution,  banned 16 LTTE fronts, and 400 individuals banned and called upon actions against them?  This was an area that the former government should have used as a leverage by regularly presenting evidence on these organizations to the foreign nations and demanding actions against them through the foreign ministry as well domestically initiating inquiries against TNA,TULF and other Tamil parties and individuals that were linked to the LTTE.

It is a tragi-comedy that the Sirisena-Ranil Government chose to say yes to all that the UN/UNHRC/West/India put across the table and accepted all recommendations without batting an eyelid simply because they did not want to defend or protect those that defeated the LTTE and brought peace to a nation that suffered 30 years of LTTE terror. Just to spite the Rajapaksas and lack of national respect for the Armed Forces that defeated the LTTE, the Sirisena-Ranil Government and officials have committed hara-kiri upon a nation that has been penalized for being the only nation to have defeated internationally banned terrorists.