The Sri Lanka Navy and Sri Lanka Coast Guard will be jointly carrying out investigations on the Avant Garde ship, said a high ranking Navy official. Speaking to The Nation, the officer mentioned since the ship is registered under the Sri Lankan flag, the Navy has the sole authority to inspect the vessel.

“A large consignment of weapons and ammunitions were found, and we are in the process of inspecting the vessel,” he further said.

The officer also pointed out that they have found a lot of contradicting details, and therefore they will be thoroughly investigating the vessel and the matters related to it. “Earlier it was said that the Captain of the ship is of Sri Lankan origin, but now it has been revealed that he is in fact an Ukranian national,” he added.

The Avant Garde vessel was taken into custody by the Navy on Tuesday (6) when it was 12 nautical miles off Galle with a stock of 810 weapons. It should also be noted that the government has in several occasions pledged to take necessary legal action against the persons responsible if the charges are proved.