Once upon a time there were two dads. Each had a little daughter.  Both the girls loved their fathers very much.  Each thought her father was the best dad in the whole world.  They were both very proud of their dads.

One glorious morning the two dads left their respective homes.  Each kissed his little girl and promised to return soon.

Now these two fathers also had a son each.  The sons knew that their fathers were embarking on a long journey.  They both accompanied their dads for part of the way.  Not too far — just to the end of the village.  Each dad gripped his little boy’s shoulders with his large hand and each gazed long into the son’s sad eyes respectfully.

The dad went far, far away, passing fields that stretched to the horizon, through forests thick and dark, and over mountains blue and misty. But they were never afraid.  Dads are like that. They were singing all the way, but softly, as they feared their singing would disturb their daughters’ sleep somehow, although they were miles apart.

One gloomy afternoon the two dads met each other on a barren hilltop. There were so many dads and sons on the hill, facing one another. Then there started the terrible rainless thunder.  The rumbling in the skies and the roaring sounds were heard far away. The little daughters were terrified by nightmares and started to cry. Their mothers started to pray.

From that day onwards the clocks start ticking louder than usual. Tick tock tick tock tick tock. Time passed one second at a time, slowly and sorrowfully for months.

Then on a certain gloomy evening one dad came home on crutches. He had only one leg. The little daughter was heartbroken. She promised her dad she would color the wooden leg using all her pastels and make it the prettiest leg of them all. Her dad smiled sorrowfully and kissed the little girl.

The other dad never came home. His daughter started sketching the memories of her dad on the walls of her house.