Another tender bud was plundered and crushed to death by a brutish rapist. Many cases of small children being raped and killed were reported but so far no change of laws and stringent punishment have been introduced relating to the brutal crimes. At the particular moment of such a case we have witnessed people pleading the government for harsher damnation and relevant ministers arriving to make themselves a ‘show’ by mixing with the people and then skipping off never to fulfill whatever promises made at the scene.

Regretfully, a gradual occurrence continues. Rape has become a fate for the females. In families, step fathers, uncles and male guardians molest children.

However, a much concerned new minister under yahapalana vowed that her priority was to bring in tough laws against rapists. Will this too take time till another falls victim?
We viewed on TV people suggesting to hand over the rapist to their hands predicting that the accused would soon be out after being enlarged on bail as had happened in the past. Then the case going on for years and finally hearing nothing of it. True. Some demand to introduce the gallows for such crimes while a few suggest that they should be beheaded like in Saudi Arabia or should be tortured and killed. These impossible requests of the public show how much people were poignant over this nefarious incident.

Unfortunately, we have been trapped in the net of democracy. Human rights too will attempt to peep into it. Therefore, we cannot take the law into our hands.

It is alarming to note only in our country that kids below five years are raped and killed. How can the menace of this kind of maniacs be stopped? Who will take the initiative in this regard? Or will this be allowed to reach the Guinness Book?

We remember how a rapist who killed the niece of a police officer at Modera was sentenced to life imprisonment within a few months time. Likewise, verdict of the rape cases should be given within a shorter period.

Further, rigorous punishment in life imprisonment should not be lessened simply because the rapist’s conduct has been satisfactory during his long stay in the prison, as being the practice. Instead, prison officials should ill-treat him.
Nazly Cassim

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