It seems that the effective blackmail of Sri Lanka by the powerful actors of the UN system was complete with Sri Lanka co-sponsoring a UNHRC resolution which will set up hybrid courts | (Pic by Presidential Media Unit)

Sri Lanka’s de facto colony status is complete with the hybrid courts that are to be established under terms of the UNHRC resolution of which Sri Lanka was a co-sponsor. Local prosecutors and judges are being deemed to be incompetent, and local legal systems deemed inadequate. But the deeper implications are in the handing over of the country on a platter to foreign interests. This is from a political dispensation that alleged this country had been colonized by the Chinese.

Those who think that the hybrid courts are a staple part and parcel of international oversight mechanisms, should disabuse themselves of such a notion by familiarizing themselves with what all this entails

Those who think that the hybrid courts are a staple part and parcel of international oversight mechanisms, should disabuse themselves of such a notion by familiarizing themselves with what all this entails. Hybrid courts have been in operation in Kosovo, for instance, which was a region so destabilized, that it was once under direct UN administration.

It seems that the effective blackmail of Sri Lanka by the powerful actors of the UN system is now complete. Roughly, that system of blackmail operated something like this: Sri Lanka should accept foreign intervention, which the hybrid Courts are a form of, or else the U.S. and it’s powerful allies would ram home the narrative that 40,000 people were killed during the last phase of hostilities in 2009, and aim for sanctions or worse.
The so-called Sri Lankan Government’s labored version of events since the Geneva deliberations last month, is that the soldiers who were to be prosecuted got a reprieve now that there is a domestic mechanism, albeit one that includes foreign prosecutors. The nervousness of the key State potentates advancing this point of view shows in the amount of cutouts of Maithripala Sirisena that were strung up on lampposts to herald his arrival from Geneva.

The Asipatha CutsDespite the lame attempts to shame the previous dispensation into believing that it alienated the international community (with the president feeding David Miliband hors d’evours of manioc in Embilipitiya),without these hybrid courts, Sri Lankan soldiers would not have run the risk of being ‘found accountable’ in international prosecutions. The Security Council vetoes etc. would have seen to that.

It is now beyond debate that Sri Lanka is a complete satrapy – a satellite state administered from Western capitals. A price was paid by the administration for enlisting US government support in defeating the former president, and that was to cede the country as a colony.

It is a colony, if the President so called and his Prime Minister so called does the domestic housekeeping functions such as deciding on which date the local government elections are held, but if all the important decisions are taken in Washington, the country is at best a protectorate.

The capitulation in Geneva is the first overt act since independence by which the country has been potentially been made a colony, and is comparable to the ceding of Ceylon to the British on March 2nd 1815.

This is how Veres Otiloia describes the central plot of MJ Coetzee’s novel, Waiting for the Barbarians:

‘Set in a small frontier town of a nameless Empire, Waiting for the Barbarians tells the story of the town’s Magistrate whose easy and peaceful life is disturbed when the Empire orders Colonel Joll of the Third Bureau to check and inspect the Magistrate’s work and the town’s life.’

The law officers of this land have been rudely rounded up, and they have been told that they have to cede their Authority to the higher powers who come in the form of international and Commonwealth prosecutors and judges.

The acts of commission of the current leadership fall into the rubric of impeachable offenses, and this has already been stated by Opposition parliamentarians.

Subjecting the domestic legal processes to the indignity of international prosecutors so called, may be unconstitutional and an act of treason, but, there has been a nonchalant response on the part of the so called watchdogs of the nation, Champika Ranawaka and the Ven Rathana Thera etc., It is dodgy for them to rationalize.

The nature of the work to be carried out by the international prosecutors is largely irrelevant when on principle it has been accepted that Sri Lanka would accept the diktat of the colonizer, and incorporate R2Pby ceding a part of the judiciary to international actors. This signals the beginning of the decline down the slippery slope. The country has been handed over. The rationale may be though not publicly articulated, that it is the only way of averting the blackmail.

But the capitulation was unnecessary. Key members of the UN Security Council are already standing by Sri Lanka, despite the fact that the Sri Lankan leadership does not stand by itself. This brings rich irony to the accusations about Miliband being fed a dinner of
manioc in Embilipitiya.

There is no Sri Lankan Foreign Office today whether manioc is on the menu or not. Any interested interlocutor would have to look for the Sri Lankan Foreign Office in the lobby rooms of Capitol Hill.  The desire also to sacrifice members of the armed forces to facilitate this pantomime is risible. All this has been accomplished with gay abandonment of any fealty to principle, or what is right.

In general, leaders of satrapy states are looked at as doormats to be dispensed of when the bidding of the overlord State is fulfilled. Until then these puppets on a string would be humored and plied with wine, blandishments and awards. But the day of ignominy may be far away on that front; it usually takes more than a lunar cycle for the imperialist power to spit out the regime it consumed for breakfast.

But back home, the ignominy is complete. This bunch of traitors has stamped themselves indelibly as the worst since some Ceylonese elite helped satisfy the colonial ambitions of Imperial Britain in 1815.

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