Making available free Wi-Fi facility for the citizens which was a presidential election pledge under the 100-day program does not have a 100 percent success, claims Telecommunications and Digital Infrastructure Minister Harin Fernando. Speaking to The Nation, the minister said that there are several technical issues relating to the service providers to whom the work is entrusted to.

“I admit that the service is not that successful. If I am right it has only 50-40 percent success rate,” said Minister Fernando. He further mentioned that the ministry is re-strategizing the whole project to make it work and once Google’s Project Loon (which is still in the MoU stage) is set up the problems will ease out.

“Within the next two weeks we will identify the proper locations to provide free Wi-Fi facilities as promised. I have requested a full report on the matter as to how the issue came up and what went wrong,” he said.

Fernando expressed that the issue pertaining to Free Wi-Fi facilities was there way before he took office but he hope to provide a fitting solution to the matter.

Objective of the program to provide free Wi-Fi facilities was to facilitate the citizens to be able to have access to Internet for a variety of purposes. Spearheaded by the ICTA (Information and Communication Technology Agency) and all telecommunication operators in the country, the program is expected to provide internet facilities to more than 1000 locations. The locations include state universities, limited professional education institutions, railway stations, central bus stands, district secretariats, main court complexes, base hospitals, public parks, public libraries, museums and limited Government offices and district secretariats.