As a protest against an EU-brokered deal with Serbia, opposition politicians released tear gas in parliament in Kosovo.  The smoke filled the room and the meeting was immediately canceled.

Two female representatives fainted and were taken to hospital by ambulance, said a reporter who was present. Kosovo’s government and Serbia had brokered an EU-agreement of several economic and legal rights of the Serb community, and to set up Serbian municipalities providing autonomy.

This has led to that opposition parties are furious. They argue that the agreement is a threat to the majority, and believe it may exacerbate ethnic divide in Kosovo. They tried earlier in the day to postpone the meeting by throwing eggs against government officials.
The government said after tear gas attack that the opposition’s violent behavior has exceeded all limits of institutional and democratic behaviour. The former Serbian province declared itself as an independent state in 2008. The independency is recognized by 108 of UN’s 193 member states, but Serbia still considers the territory as its southern province.