The annual Katina Pinkama of the Zurich Buddhist Vihara was held on October 4, 2015 with the patronage of Sri Lankan and foreign Buddhist Bhikkus. Buddhists from Bangladeshi, German, Indonesean, Sri Lankan, Swiss, Thai and Vietnamese decent, residing in Switzerland and Germany participated in the event.

Katina Ceremony was preceded by a Pirith ceremony on the 3rd evening. The ceremony comprised Dhamma recitations, meditations, Buddha Puja, Dhamma talks followed by lunch for everybody who participated at the event. After accepting the Katina robe from the sponsores, the Maha Sangha then offered it to Karuwalagaswewa Anuruddha Thera, the chief prelate of the Zurich Buddhist Vihara. Given the multi-national nature of the participants, the event was conducted in different languages: Sinhala, English and German including translations from English to German. Bhikku Sukkhacito of German decent delivered a talk on “Dukkha as seen by a western monk.” Among the lay folk, the participation of a Sri Lankan Tamil was of special note: he brought home-made wade and kadala for everyone and presented  pirikara to the two Bhikkus who had arrived from Sri Lanka to attend the event;Galapitiyagama Wimaldhamma Nayaka Thero and Ranwala Wimarathana Thera.

This is years event was sponsored by the familie’s of Francisca, Malani, Janaki and Nishantha of Basel, Switzerland.

At the end of the ceremony, a Swiss national, George sang the Sinhala song, Danno Budunge which impressed many Sinhalese present at the event.
Ranil Jayanetti from Switzerland