We see poor people on roads every day.  From young people to old; there are poor people living in the streets begging from those who pass by for money. Not everyone gives them money; most of the people just ignore these homeless people.

Don’t you feel that you may be helping an innocent person by sharing some things with them? It could be a 20 rupee note or a biscuit packet; it will help a poor man fill an empty stomach. It doesn’t matter what you give as far as it helps a person to have a good day.

We are free to do what we want with the money we have. We need to be wise enough not to spend money for something which we don’t need at the moment. Yet, sadly, today we see people spend money on expensive things which are not really necessary for them when there are so many things they could do to help an innocent person. Sometimes, we give highly expensive gifts to our loved ones. Think for a moment. Exchanging gifts is a good habit indeed. Yet, is it better than ignoring a needy person?

However, the public feel uncomfortable with the homeless people struggling to get help from them. Some even say that they are just pretending to be homeless just to earn free money. But our responsibility as humans is to help the people who are in need. Sometimes our judgments about others could lead to an unfortunate events.

We never know how much they are struggling to live every single day or how hard it is to live the life on the streets without hopes for a better tomorrow. We may find that it’s worthless donate things for a day while we can’t help the person every day. Yet every single person’s few rupees of donation can create a community of helping hands for homeless people.

There are needy people who come to our doorstep begging.  Some rude people will shut the door to the face without thinking twice that they too might need to ask help from another in the future. They may have everything today, but nothing tomorrow. It doesn’t take long to lose everything.

Helping others is one of the kindest actions. It gives us a chance to feel delightful looking at another person’s smile. They smile because they were happy receiving what we gave them.
There are thousands of donation campaigns on social media.

Some of them can be  fake, yet it doesn’t mean all organizations are fake. One example is YouTube’s famous video called ‘Can money buy happiness.’ It is about an Indian man giving money to random people who are struggling with their life. People didn’t know that they were being videoed. It shows how people become relieved and happy when they receive help.

Even in supermarkets we see donation boxes. We may see it as something worthless, but yet a single note could change another person’s life. So, just imagine that you can also be a reason for another person’s happiness. Who knows where our future leads us.

It doesn’t matter what others say or do. You can start helping the needy and homeless whenever you are in a position to help. Helping them will help your life as well.