If you have bad experiences crossing the road, fear you will be run into by a vehicle or don’t like to take chances, you most probably spend a lot of time trying to cross the road. Getting to the other side is easy when the vehicles have come to a halt to let you cross. If there are traffic lights, you will feel better, but the sometimes ridiculously short timing on them means you have to run across the road or be the reason for a chorus of blaring horns.

Crossing roads aren’t fun, and we all have awful memories attached to crossings. There are crossings that are just bad luck, and you’ll spend more time trying to cross than the rest of the journey. Other crossings are better, they are usually safe and conveniently placed traffic lights give you plenty of time to safely get to the other side. There are crossings that are white and there are crossings that are yellow.

We all have trouble with zebra crossings, but whose is to blame; crossings that are badly-located, pedestrians who think they are the kings of the roads or selfish drivers? There’s not much we can do about where yellow crossings are so we’ll look at the next two culprits. Are the pedestrians at fault or the drivers?

As pedestrians, can we cross roads whenever we want to and from wherever we want to? Can we cross a road just because there are stripes across the road?

We have been told to look both ways before crossing a road. When you know that vehicles are only allowed to go in one direction of a road, you may only look one way because you don’t expect vehicles to come from the other side. However, this is a bad idea in our country because cyclists do not care about which side of the road they should be on. Further, if a by-road is marked one-way only, there will still be drivers who, if there are no cops in sight, will use the by-road to go in the opposite direction than allowed. Imagine looking one way, crossing the road only to be nearly knocked down by a vehicle going in the wrong direction.

What’s worse is that such drivers, although they are the ones breaking the rules, curse the pedestrian as if it their fault. This is why it’s always safer to look both ways before crossing.

If there is a pedestrian traffic light indicating you can cross, you should. However, if you notice the countdown has reached the end, wait for the next time the little man turns green. Unless you are some superhero, you won’t be able to get to the other side of the road in one second and if you do start crossing the road with just a second to go, you may hold up traffic. Sure, we all have places to go to and the light was technically green, but it doesn’t hurt to be considerate and practical.

Pedestrian crossings aren’t placed where it is convenient to each individual. However, they are usually within walking distance from the place you want to get to. Even so, most pedestrians choose to cross the road from any random place than walk to the zebra crossing. This is not fair on drivers and it is definitely not legal.

Yes, you may not want to walk all the way to the crossing in the hot sun, but if is within 50m meters of where you are, you better walk to the crossing in order to get to the other side of the road.
When you can safely cross the road, be sure to walk quickly and not push people or attack them with your parcels or umbrellas. We all are in a hurry and pushing and stepping on people’s feet will not make anything better.

Pedestrians aren’t the only ones at fault. Drivers are also to blame as they are often inconsiderate and selfish. If there are signal lights, you need not stop until the lights tell you to. If there is a policeman on duty, you may wait until you are asked to stop and allow pedestrians to cross. However, if there are no signal lights and no policeman, you have to be considerate and slow down so that people can cross the road.

Further, if one lane has stopped to let people cross, you too have to stop until they get to the other side. It’s absolutely terrifying when you are in the middle of the road, trying to get to the other side and a motorbike or three-wheeler whizzes past you like they own the road. Surely, you can halt for a minute or two before continuing your journey.

Getting to the other side of a road is scary as it is and reckless and inconsiderate pedestrians and drivers only make the experience more terrifying and tiring. The next time you are driving or crossing a road, be considerate and be careful.

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