Children, especially those who are still very young, are often dropped off at school and picked up once school is done, usually by parents.  Sometimes parents have to wait and wait and wait because some children don’t rush off when the bell rings. They take things slow.

It’s not unnatural.  After all, school is also about friends and friendship.  There’s so much to talk about and some conversations can’t be ended abruptly.  But sometimes, it is not chit-chat that causes delays.  There are children who want to return to a neat and clean classroom the following day.

Sometimes the teacher sets up a roster so that everyone has to clean-up at least once or twice a month, but sometimes this is not done.

It’s good to keep things neat and tidy even if no one applauds you for it.  But sometimes it seems just too much work, whether in school or at home.  After all you can always find something more interesting or something less tiresome to do.  You could watch a movie, play a game, read a book or just sleep!
The more you postpone the bigger the pile.  Think of a kitchen sink.

Someone uses a spoon but doesn’t wash and put it away.  ‘I’ll do it later,’ he or she thinks.  Maybe he or she thinks ‘it’s easier to do all the washing in one go!’  Well, it all begins with a single unwashed spoon (or fork or saucer or cup or plate or anything that needs to be washed but is not).

Someone else uses something else and comes to the sink to wash it.  He or she sees the unwashed spoon.  Now would he or she wash both the spoon and whatever was brought to be washed?  Both may get washed, but the chances are that the second item would join the unwashed spoon.  With each item that is added to the sink the will to wash everything gets weaker.  Before you know it there’s a big pile of unwashed cutlery and crockery in the sink.

That’s what happens when you postpone things.  They just pile up and the bigger the pile the less inclined you are to deal with it.  And then it becomes a chore, an entire project, a headache!
It’s the same with homework.  It’s the same with cleaning your room.  It all begins with the first thing you didn’t do.

Just think of the things you postpone doing.  There are lots of things that people postpone.  Sometimes it’s something really ‘small’ such as putting back the cap on a tube of toothpaste.  Putting away schoolbooks in the right place after you get home is a common ‘I’ll-do-it-later’ thing. Making your bed once you wake up is another.  In general, it’s all about picking up and putting away.  Make it a habit and you will have less ‘projects’ to deal with, less headaches.

Think about it this way.  If you think of homework as though it was a spoon that needs to be washed, the easier way to deal with it is to do the simple assignments as spoons.  Do it and put it away. Revise everyday and you won’t have a mountain of things to study for the end-of-term exam.

And remember, a mountain of spoons, forks, plates and cups makes a massive headache.  You don’t need such things when you are a child.

It all begins with the first spoon that goes unwashed, remember.


Don’t toss that spoon into the sink!  (2)