Born on July 16 in Lebanon, Maher Zain, known as a ‘Muslim Swedish R&B singer, songwriter and music producer,’ was not religious when he was younger.  As time went on, he got an idea of singing Islamic songs and joined Awakening records, which is one of the most popular Islamic song recording companies. Awakening gives many chances for singers to show their passion for music.

They gave the chance to Maher Zain to show his talent as well and with his first album he proved himself to the world. His dedication to music is seen in his songs and he has inspired the world with beautiful messages, which are still favorite lines of many people around the world.

Zain’s first album was released in 2009 and was titled ‘Thank you Allah.’ The album became a hit around the world with breath taking tracks. ‘Palestine will be free,’ one of the songs in the album was the first Zain song with an official video released on YouTube.

Almost all songs are written by Zain himself and a special song titled ‘For the rest of my life,’ was dedicated to his lovely wife. When the song’s video was released it became a hit, especially among young couples.

Looking at Zain’s music, all the songs are very meaningful and very different from each other. Most of his songs are in English and yet some if his songs are in both English and Arabic. He is very supportive of charity concerts. He has supported many child organizations in the United Kingdom and many parts of the world and has inspired many young people.

Zain has a large number of followers on Facebook, and although an Islamic singer, his fans come from all kinds of backgrounds. He is very friendly and professional as well and encourages the world to be united and to support human rights. He is active on social media and is very connected to his fans and followers on Facebook and Twitter.

Fans witnessed the launch of his second album ‘Forgive Me’ with the hit single ‘Number One for Me’ that exceeded 1,000,000 views on YouTube within one week of its release. He also dedicated a song for his little princess, Aya Zain. The song titled ‘My Little Girl ‘starts with a baby’s laugh and it was his own daughter’s laugh. It is a very cute and touching song.

One song is a wish for a bride and the groom. It is the most popular in weddings even in Sri Lanka and the song is played at most Muslim weddings. Almost all songs by Zain are loved from the moment they are released because they are unique and fabulous.

Zain is currently working on his third album and all his fans are eagerly waiting another breath-taking album.

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