Cameron Johnson | Pic coutesy

Kids can be cute. They can be talkative even though they are very young. Most of the time, kids are curious to do experiments. They may not have the exact idea of what they do and what to expect as a result, but they don’t give up. After they are done with it, they might have a wonder and pleasure about it. It makes them happy to discover new things. When it makes them happy, they start to think and redo it to get better results. That’s the nature of the kids.

Critical thinking with analyzing is strength to become a successful man. This story is about Cameron Johnson. He also had this ability since his small days. Johnson was born in Virginia, on November 13, 1984. He started a business before he graduated from high school.

When he was nine years old, Johnson’s parents asked him to design an invitation card for their upcoming party. As the request of his parents, it was made by him. After that, this little boy started making greeting cards for his family celebrations. With the beauty of his cards, there were so many orders which he received to make new cards from his relations, colleagues and friends.
Confidence of the results of his works, neighbors began to offer money to his designing job. By 11, he could save many dollars in his bank account. That was his main revenue. Finally, it was used to start his company called ‘Cheers and Tears.’

He continued this way further. Johnson offered his younger sister $100 for her collection of 30 Ty Beanie Babies, all the rage at the time. The young entrepreneur quickly earned 10 times that amount by selling the dolls on eBay. This way, while his friends were playing games, Cameron made his first $50,000. He was only 12 years old by that time.

When the kid entrepreneur was 13, he began working on another great business idea – ‘My EZ Mail’ – a service that forwards e-mails to a specific account without showing information about the recipients. He hired a coder to develop the idea, and in a couple of years his new venture was generating about $3,000 in revenue monthly from advertisers.

Johnson still wasn’t done. In 1997, he joined forces with two other teen entrepreneurs to create an online advertising company called, which provided scrolling advertisements across the top of users’ Web browsers.

Those who downloaded the software received 20 cents per hour (a tiny fraction of the value to the advertiser) for the inconvenience of having ads display across their computer screens.

The boys employed a classic pyramid strategy to spread the service: Users who managed to refer to a new customer would receive 10% of that new person’s hourly revenue. The kids had the place for ads, but wanted more advertisers. They started partnering with some big names and DoubleClick, which could easily sell the ads to their clients. These companies collected only 30 percent of the revenue, while the remaining 70 percent was for the kids. At the age of 15, Cameron began receiving checks of $300,000 monthly, pretty well for a kid J. At 19, his assets were worth more than a million dollars.

With the business spirit and a friend of his started a new venture – The so, called gift certificates can be used to purchase anything on eBay. Usually someone can sell his or her certificate on the Bay, but at the price of 13 percent of the certificate value. Cameron’s new site charged only 7.5 percent for the same deal. In 2004 Cameron and company sold this business for a six digits amount.

He was one of the most successful teenage entrepreneurs in the world. Now 31, Johnson is an author of several books, famous businessman and lecturer.Cameron’s story is inspirational and his business ideas are very effective for everyone.