Prof. Sarath Kotagama | Dr. Devaka Weerakoon | Pic by Chandana Wijesinghe

Amidst moves to encourage corporates to go environment friendly, environmentalists have come up with a system to provide rankings for institutions on biodiversity projects undertaken by them.

During a recently held conference of the Business and Bio Diversity Platform in Colombo, prominent environmentalist and Head of the Department of Zoology of the University of Colombo, Prof. Sarath Kotagama stated that the ranking would be carried out based on seven categories and added that the relevant companies and institutions would have to volunteer to take part in the survey.

“Once the institutions have carried out a biodiversity project, many of them do not monitor them since they are afraid to see what they have done. But monitoring is important,” he said.
He however did not divulge on the modalities through which the ranking system would be carried out.

Speaking at the platform, Senior Lecturer of Zoology at the University of Colombo, Dr. Devaka Weerakoon cited the importance of corporates to look at the biodiversity aspect in their businesses in the context of Sri Lanka being a home for several endangered species, and the need to protect them.
As an example, he pointed out that 10 percent of the elephant population of Asia was found in Sri Lanka.