Aries (Mesha): Physical and mental wellbeing, high status, marital happiness are indicated with the powerful Jupiter–Mars–Venus combination in the 5th House. The Sun in the 6th Upachaya House conjunct with Swakshetra Rahu and exalted Mercury qualifies you for a position of authority. This is an ideal position for natives seeking or holding high executive or political office. You may become quite proactive, but strong emotions can overwhelm you. You can look forward to victory in contests and competitions and a whip hand over your rivals and enemies.

Taurus (Vrushabha): Success in educational pursuits, peace of mind, happiness in the family and enhanced living comforts are the benefits that could be expected from the Lagnadhipati Venus–Mars–Jupiter combination in the 2nd House. You will gain a leadership position in your community if you are also running favorable Dasas. The ongoing period is favorable for natives engaged in the field of communications. Gains and happiness from children are on the cards. High returns from small investments are on the cards for natives running the Rahu Maha Dasa.

Gemini (Mithuna): Fame and popularity in addition to high office for those active in politics and occupying executive positions are strongly indicated due to the influence of the Venus–Mars –Jupiter combination in Leo in the 3rd House. Your plans to travel abroad for an academic purpose will succeed. High executive or political position is on the cards if your Dasas are favorable. Lagnadhipati Mercury exalted in your 4th quadrant where the Sun and Swakshetra Rahu are already posited will generate the effects of Bhadra Yoga which holds out comforts and luxuries among a host of other benefits.

Cancer (Kataka): Increased wealth, domestic happiness, a cheerful disposition and a positive outlook are the benefits you can expect from the powerful Venus–Mars–Jupiter combination in your 2nd House. Exalted Mercury–Sun combination in your 3rd House when Rahu is already Swakshetra there places you in an invincible position. This position also holds out high political office. Besides, Rahu in the 3rd is capable of combatting malefic influences.

Leo (Simha): Powerful Venus–Mars–Jupiter combination in the Lagna gives you immense moral and psychological strength. Enhanced self-confidence and a positive outlook are likely to push you towards taking bold decisions. A fortune from a foreign source is indicated if your Dasas are favorable. Your inner self and disposition while imbuing you with a cheerful disposition, and a positive outlook. A rise in your career and status as well as a high achievement is in the offing.

Virgo (Kanya): Gainful foreign travel or a distant journey is strongly indicated with Jupiter in the 12th House as the lord of the 4th House in conjunction with Venus as the lord of the 9th House. Meanwhile, you will gravitate towards altruistic activity such as helping the needy and the destitute. Sun-Mercury–Rahu combination in the Lagna makes you dynamic, energetic and proactive. However, you are advised not to take hasty decisions.Lagnadhipati Mercuryexalted in your Lagna generates the effects of Bhadra Yoga which may bring you unexpected fortune.

Libra (Thula): An increase in income, business success and the delightful company of friends mainly from academic and literary circles are on the cards due to the influence of powerful Jupiter–Mars–Venus combination in the 11th Ayasthana. A rise to a higher position is possible if your Dasas are favorable. A positive outlook and hope for the best are your need of the hour. Exalted Mercury in the 12th House generating the effects of Vimala Yoga strengthens your integrity, builds up an inner aversion to sins and vices and pushes you towards altruistic activity.

Scorpio (Vrushika): Political high office or political patronage, career success and gainful foreign travel depending on your present circumstances are strongly indicated thanks to the very auspicious Venus–Jupiter–Mars combination in your 10th House. You are reminded that you are under the malefic influence of Lagna Shani Erashtaka and that you have to face setbacks and disappointments with patience and equanimity. However, a rise to a higher position is on the cards. Your business or self-employment will prosper with your Ayasthana gaining strength from an exalted Mercury.

Sagittarius (Dhanu): The Sun–exalted Mercury–Swakshetra Rahu combination in your 10th House can bring you a rise in career, fame and high political office if your Dasas are favorable. You are also assured of success of whatever project you undertake. Meanwhile, Venus–Jupiter–Mars’s combination in your Bhagyasthana assures you of fame, higher status, gainful distant travels and general prosperity.

Capricorn (Makara): Mars and Venus in the 8th House as the lords of the 4th quadrant and the 5th Moolatrikona make a powerful combination that can bring you high achievements. However, you have to pay special attention to your personal safety at least until the end of October if the Ashtakakavarga Bala of Jupiter and Mars is at a low point at birth. The prospect of gainful foreign travel and even fame in foreign lands is brighter with Mercury exalted in your 9th House. Jupiter in the 8th as the lord of the 12th augments this auspicious position fortifying you with, for instance, integrity and invincibility among other benefits.

Aquarius (Kumbha): The influence of Jupiter–Mars–Venus combination in your 7th House can lead to career success, gainful foreign travels, and bright matrimonial prospects depending your present circumstances. Those with a weak Saturn at birth face loss of employment or problems connected with employment. Exalted Mercury in the 8th house generates the effects of Sarala Yoga which confers happiness, prosperity and longevity.

Pisces (Meena): Matrimonial prospects, gains from foreign trade or foreign sources and career success, depending on your present circumstances, are in store for you due to the influence of powerful exalted Mercury–Sun–Rahu combination in your 7th House. Venus-Mars–Jupiter combination in the 6th House will add popularity and fame to your position of authority and influence. Meanwhile, exalted Mercury in your 7th House generating the effects of Bhadra Yoga will bring you prosperity and higher status.