Have you ever thought of changing your eyes? Into the eyes of a child maybe?

Through the poem ‘The World through Child’s Eyes,’ Matthew Benoit explores how children see the world and how different yet wonderful it is.

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The world through the eyes of a child is very different. For example, children are fascinated by everything because it’s all new to them. Every day is new to them, so everything seems exciting and full of possibilities.

Children are always open to meeting new people. They want to smile and make friends and learn people’s names and what they do and why. They see almost everyone as a possible friend, and this makes their world more friendly.

Children don’t automatically think the worst when presented with a new situation, because so many experiences are new to children, they automatically have a positive attitude towards things. They’re eager to try something new.

Children do things just because they want to.
As you age, you learn more facts, experience more of life, and learn what is logical and possible. While this is important, it also cramps your imagination. It’s harder to picture yourself escaping work on a rainbow colored unicorn (unless you’re on something amazing) because you know it’s just not possible. Kids don’t have this problem. Kids’ imaginations are limitless.

Children don’t worry about what other people think because they’re simply too busy being themselves. And this makes it easier for them to go on with their work and lives.

Children are usually misunderstood to be unable to make any difference and that they have nothing to offer to the world, but this is wrong.

Children can make a big difference in the world if they are given the chance. They see more than most adults do, and though most people may not admit this simple fact, it’s true.
Maybe it’s time to see the world in a new way. Maybe through the eyes of a child.

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seeing the patterns before me
So intense and clear
No negative thoughts or self-doubts
Wonder soothes all fears

Clear your head
I hear you say
And shake away the fears
Before they take hold and lead you astray

To see the world through child’s eyes
Possibilities abound with no end
To see the world through child’s eyes
Where convictions never bend

To see the world through child’s eyes
A world without a care
To see the world through child’s eye
The senses so aware

The loss of innocence
Opens a door to pain
It’s a door we all want to close
To shut out the feeling of shame

In my mind i no longer choose
I only select
Decisions based on what ifs
And the feelings i neglect

To see the world through child’s eyes
A world i see as pure
The things i can’t begin to explain
Are the things i know for sure

To see the world through child’s eyes
A day with nothing to do
Is a day where freedom reigns
Upon you from out of the blue