The mark of a great game is that you have so much fun, that you lose track of time. Games like this are rare. It’s even rarer to find a game like this made in Sri Lanka. This is why we were pleasantly surprised by The Journey of Kimaki.

Developed by Arimac Digital, The Journey of Kimaki is a 3D Platformer. Currently, it’s only on Android but according Arimac an iOS version will be coming soon. The goal of the game is to guide a ninja named Kimaki across a series of platforms. So why exactly should you spend your data downloading this game? Read on and find out.

Simple gameplay
The moment you start a new game, you’re treated to a tutorial that explains how the game works. You hold your finger on the screen and Kimaki’s staff grows in length. When you let go, Kimaki crosses over to the other platform. The more platforms you cover, the higher your score. If the game sounds simple that’s because it is beautifully simple.

At the same time, it makes losing the game very simple too. If your staff is too long, then Kimaki will fall. If it’s too short then you lose the staff, if you run out of three staffs then you lose. You can’t stay on a platform for too long either or it’ll crumble to pieces and send Kimaki to his death.

The trick here is to make sure you’re always moving and the length of the staff is just right. At first this may seem challenging. That’s because there’s no marker indicating the distance between platforms or the length of the staff. To make things harder, the platforms generate at random after the tutorial ends. However, as you progress you’ll be able to instinctively tell when you should let go of your finger.

Does this sound familiar?
A game with no story, very simple gameplay mechanics with a world that changes every time. This is what we like to call the Flappy Bird concept. Flappy Bird, as you might recall, was an insane hit thanks to its simple gameplay. However, its creator Don Nguyen decided to kill it. Since then, numerous clones have popped up across the internet

Kimaki however, is not a clone. Kimaki is the proper definition of a game that is inspired by Flappy Bird. The team at Arimac has built an original game, having learned what made Flappy Bird successful. Considering it’s been a year since Flappy Bird died, this is beyond impressive – it’s amazing.

Final showdown
Overall, Kimaki is a great game. Its gameplay is simple and fun. Its music and blocky graphics fit in perfectly. This is a great game not just by Sri Lankan standards but by global standards as well. The only downside to it is that it’s addictive. That sounds like a positive point – until you hear your boss asking for that report you were supposed to give three days ago.

Heck, even we were procrastinating by playing it, as we were preparing this review!
if you have some free time to kill, head over to Play Store and join Kimaki on his journey. It’s worth it. If you’re an iOS user then remain calm and do as much as you can with your remaining productive hours. Kimaki will be coming to iOS soon!