Confessions can be intensely bizarre, macabre and at times even confusing. Today, we witness the most shocking statements from calloused criminals. The recent confession of the suspect who violently raped and killed a gentle five-year-old girl, sends out a warning that there exist within our generally pious and humane society, men with the minds of beasts. As a culture that shows tolerance towards others, many cannot comprehend the demented thought process of such a criminal. According to a press release the said suspect had five alarming traits which are not normal, given the fact he was raised in a village.

This demonic soul had confessed of having a compulsive desire to hide and watch women bathing, stealing female underwear, tendency to eat fish in a raw state whilst he spent prolonged periods of time hiding in forests and choosing to stay in a cemetery! He is accused of having dug up and sexually-violated a corpse. This was supplemented by petty acts of stealing. This man may well be afflicted with a condition of comorbidity (Feinstein 1970) which is the presence of one or more disorders within a primary disorder, in this specific case a mental element.

The first of these as per his confession is voyeurism, which is sexual interest in spying on people undressing, bathing or whilst engaged in intimate behavior. The voyeur finds sexual arousal and satisfaction during this act, where he can spy on unsuspecting strangers. The term comes from the French, voyeur, meaning one who looks. It is a disorder of sexual preference and a displacement of sexual desire. This kind of behavior was first diagnosed and studied sometime in 1976. Psychoanalytic theory suggests that this behavior can be attributed to children who fail to identify with the love and affection of a father. Many people label the act of voyeurism as a ‘Peeping Tom ‘and may ignorantly tend to play it down, but it is an addiction; It will lead to violent sexual assault, on women and girls.

Research by the FBI has found that watching pornography had a major impact on such criminal behavior. They also conclude that advances in technology have given the peeping Tom easy access with gadgets like subminiature cameras, where the suspect can spy on a neighbor from the safety of his own bedroom via a video link. Furthermore, when one displays such an obsessive interest in a child/woman there is a propensity for behavior such as stalking (following a person) which may lead to a sexual confrontation, and even death as in this local case. The movie titled Peeping Tom directed by Michael Powell (1960) portrays a voyeur who proceeds to videotape the killing of his terrified female victims.

Often sex offenders and serial rapists may display the following behavior patterns as well, which they cleverly conceal from their family and friends. Hyper sexuality, where a person has extreme frequent sexual urges or sexual activity, which is again an addiction. Some debate it may be induced by hormone levels. Others may live in a fantasy world where they suffer from erotomania, a mindset where a person believes that a stranger, often a celebrity, ie a beauty queen or actress is in love with them. They would buy gifts and write letters to their so called lover. A more beastly perversion leads to Biastophilia where the man gains immense gratification from sexually assaulting a un-consenting woman, often a stranger. Here finally in total control, his dark joy derives from the victim’s helpless terrified response, during the cruel act of rape. This monster displays a form of sexual sadism.

Some of you may have heard of John Gacy a convicted child molester and murderer, from Chicago. He was convicted of sexually assaulting and strangling his young victims, boys aged between 12 and 17 years. Between 1972 and 1978 Gacy, a father of two children, killed 33 unsuspecting victims within the comfort and safety of his own house and buried his victims inside, which shows his deep, yet psychotic attachment to his victims. One must remember here that Gacy worked as a business manager and was very involved in a world renowned organization that places emphasis on leadership! He often dressed as a clown and took part in charity and fund-raising events for kids. It is said that where the light is the brightest the shadow is the darkest, this is so true of Gacy. Police later found that as a fat child Gacy himself was often abused by his own father who would whip him with a belt, and call him a ‘dumb stupid boy’. The Killer Clown was executed in 1994 by lethal injection. Here we see a strong link between violence, crime and mental illness.
Today whilst many are aware of pedophiles, they don’t pay much attention to the actions of how these criminals entice innocent kids. Pedophilia is a disorder where an adult has a primary sexual attraction to prepubescent children below 11 years. Some argue that is a self discovered behavior. Be that as it may, it is rooted in folks who have low self esteem, depression, personality problems ( often dealing with appearance, beauty and inability to boldly attract the opposite sex) and elevated shyness. All child molesters are said to have a dark habit of collecting child pornography, which only fuels their beastly lust. Some have been found to be enslaved to narcotic substances and alcohol.

Going back to our local suspect, he was also in the habit of stealing female underwear. This again derives from a disturbed sexual fantasy, where he wants to retain an element of those whom he sexually desires. It is in fact a Fetish, in this case erotic fetishism which is sexual focus on a non-living object, the word deriving from the Latin facticious meaning artificial. A few years ago, many suburbs and villages were haunted with a phenomenon made famous as Grease Yaka. Here was a deranged individual stealing female underwear, causing many women to refrain from coming out at night. It is sad to note that some down played these incidents to a paranormal being or a mild prank, not understanding the grave danger of such a daring display of perverseness. This stems from sheer ignorance.
The fact that our local suspect chose to eat fish in a raw state also shows that he has a dormant inclination towards cannibalism, which is the practice of eating human flesh. If a person does eat raw fish in a jungle to survive or its part of a commando training exercise then it is ok. But here his defiant and rebellious nature had even impacted his eating style, as he had the option of bringing the fish home and getting it cooked. Choosing to hide in a cemetery is also no Halloween prank in this instance. It shows a mind that is void of a conscience and spirituality. It is said that he had dug up a female corpse, sometime ago and engaged in a sexual act, making him a Necrophile, a person who is attracted to corpses often displaying sexual arousal.

The pioneering research on Necrophilia was done by Belgian psychiatrist Joseph Guislain. In a joint study Rosman and Resnick (1989) found that 57% of Necrophiles had occupational access to corpses, working as mortuary staff and staff attached to cemeteries. Dennis Nilsen was a despised British serial killer and necrophile who murdered 12 young boys, and later enjoyed intimacy upon their unresisting corpses. He confessed he didn’t want them to leave and kept their bodies for a while. He was sentenced to life in prison.

All the character traits discussed here should hopefully enlighten many adults and parents, who often tend to blame things on fate with an overriding sense of superstition. All children must find safety and comfort in their own homes. The child’s safety and emotional development is the primary responsibility of the parents. If this menace of dastardly child abuse is not restrained we as a nation will witness the emergence of disillusioned criminals, both male and female, who will prey on our children. Fear is temporary, regret lasts forever.