Head coach Matt Turner with the Sri Lanka sevens team at practice. (Pic by Dennis Muthuthantri)

Sri Lankan national men’s sevens rugby coach Englishman Mat Drew Turner is of the view that the players have a consistency issue and lose mental battle which is making it difficult for them to compete against other top nations.

“Before the game if you think that you are going to lose the match, you will definitely do so because after all, rugby is a physical as well as a mental game,” Turner told The Nation.
“In a professional game like rugby you can’t go on repeating the same mistakes over and over again. Hence we need to rectify this by addressing the players before we engage in the third leg of the Asian Sevens in Colombo,” he said.

rugby-players“We are going to work on a plan to see how we can get over our previous mistakes and be ready for the Colombo leg. The two previous legs we played in China and Thailand was a tester for us to get our act together and be really competitive in Colombo.”

Turner said that his contract expires in November but admitted that he would like a long term one because he is confident he can turn things around for Sri Lanka.

“With this fabulous bunch of guys who are really talented, especially in their tremendous footwork, if we really put an effort and focus on the game we can bring the Sri Lankan national team to glory in Asian Sevens circuit in no time,” observed Turner.

“Look out for us,” warned Turner. “We will field an entirely different squad for the upcoming third leg in Colombo at the Racecourse grounds.”

The third leg will be played on October 10 and 11.

Sri Lanka secured fourth place in both legs in China and Thailand which was won by Japan with South Korea placed second and Hong Kong third.