Bold, brave, determined he was to fulfill a mission
Amidst pressure, with the heroic forces achieved his vision
Dubbed a war hero and elected for the second time
Became power drunk and blind to fraud and crime

Bribery and corruption reached new heights
As pot bellied commis kakas enjoyed regular flights
Law enforcements, independent judiciary severely dented
Revenge and vengeance waxed and mercilessly vented

The nitwits and dregs started to act above the law
Police rendered impotent, leading to a serious flaw
Local govt councilors went on the rampage
For they and their goons enjoyed the highest patronage

Family bandyism and classy nepotism reigned supreme
Kith and kin, off springs, siblings became the nation’s cream
Enjoyed lavish luxury and super-duper lifestyles
Mired in poverty, the poor; none for their woes and cries

True, eliminated terrorism but suffered a bout of egotism
Believed in free speech but did not tolerate criticism
Lorded over all vital institutions issuing diktats
Permitting his minions to fight like wild cats!

The Rule of Law took a severe beating
And abductions, racism, hate speeches started escalating
These frightening scenarios called for a change
As some of his henchmen were mentally deranged

Under his garb were his coterie of silent men
Acting like meek lambs in his political den
His credo: “I’m the monarch of all I survey
And none to dispute what I say”

Baited the Opposition with ministerial posts to consolidate power
And the Parliament approval of 18th Amendment was his finest hour
Dreaming he could rule, the indebted nation for ever
But the silent masses proved they were too clever.

A much needed change the hoi-polloi yearned
And a bitter lesson the God-king learned
His insatiable greed for the third-time Presidency
Was shot down by Maithri’s ascendancy

Against expectations, the strong man fell from grace
The common candidate the people began to embrace
They were desperate for a far-reaching change
To live in peace sans politics with fear and revenge

Shock waves there were when MS broke away
From dictatorial MR who was holding sway
That well executed, silent exit the masses remember
It came like a breath of fresh air in the month of November

In the company of greens and civil society merciful Maithri
Ran a race to make grand Presidential entry
Caused the invincible Rajapaksa juggernaut to crash land
And the silent rebel was installed on the Presidential bandstand
M. Azhar Dawood