The MBD Group, India is proud to pioneer Augmented Reality for education and learning in Sri Lanka with the launch of Nytra, an Augmented Reality app. Poised to bring a whole new dimension to education and classroom learning, the MBD Group formally launched Nytra at the Colombo International Book Fair at the BMICH last weekend.

A rapidly growing field of technology, Augmented Reality in education helps bridge the gap between information on paper and the real world. The Nytra is an app which makes images and illustrations in books come to life through videos, digital content, animations and voice, allowing students to grasp concepts and lessons in a fun, easy and active manner.
A user simply has to install the app on an iOS or Android hand-held device and hold it over an image marked with the Nytra logo to unlock layers of digital information and experience a rich media experience. The Nytra app augments the learning experience and transforms traditional educational content.

Learning through visual cues have proven to have a far greater impact than simply reading, and the voice-over features provide a complete audio-visual animation experience, allowing for an interactive and exciting learning experience for its users. With easy access on smartphones, the Nytra app opens the doors to a world of learning, anytime and anywhere.

“Augmented Reality in education has been a rich, rewarding experience for teachers and students alike, and has bought in entirely new dimensions to learning. Holistic education goes beyond reading and listening and Augmented Reality technology enables users to interact and immerse themselves completely into a subject while encouraging imaginative thinking. AR offers exciting and infinite possibilities in the classroom and the Nytra app allows for learning experiences which are fun, lively and motivating”, said Atul Bahl, COO of MBD Group, who was in Colombo last weekend to launch the app.

Senior Director of MBD Group, Mrs. Monica Malhotra Kandhar said, “Sri Lanka is now a part of a digital revolution in education, and we are excited that we are the first movers to bring Augmented Reality technology, the NYTRA to Sri Lanka and be a part of this pivotal shift. Augmented Reality has been redefining education and create a conducive atmosphere for learning across the world. We hope that the Nytra will bring a glimpse of this innovative technology to users in Sri Lanka”.

The MBD Group is one of the leading education companies in India, and is equipped with more than six decades of experience. It is the first publishing group to pioneer digital innovation in the education sector.

Over the years, the group has diversified into E- Learning, M-Learning, Skill Development, Capacity building, Eco Friendly Notebooks, Stationary, Paper Manufacturing, ICT Infrastructure, Hospitality, Real Estate, Mall Development and Management. The group has established its presence in 3 continents across 30 countries.

The MBD Groups wide range of Nytra enabled school text books for Grades 6 to 12 are distributed in Sri Lanka by the Samudra Book Shop with branches in Colombo, Kandy, Matara and Kurunegala. The Nytra app is free-of-charge, and can be downloaded from the
Google Play Store.